Escola Municipal Professor Waldir Garcia

Escola Municipal Professor Waldir Garcia


We are, along with the children, in a transformational process: deconstructing and reconstructing.”

Lúcia Cristina Santos
Leader of the school

The Municipal School Professor Waldir Garcia is an example of a public school that fights against poverty. Especially because of its leadership, it is marked by resistance against poverty in its surroundings. Combined with this, the strength of the educators’ group and their will for social transformation are trademarks of the school. This institution is a space of constant transformation. The educators understand that there is not just one type of changemaking education and aware of when they need to reinvent or change.

Starting from the concept that education is a universal right, this is a school that welcomes diversity and keeps its doors open to the community. It is also aware that integral and democratic education guarantees the full development of their pupils in every aspect: intellectual, physical, emotional, social and cultural. They understand that working with the values of integral education (friendship, solidarity, empathy and tolerance), focusing on the multidimensional development of the person, restores a spirit of community.