Changemaking Skills

Changemaking skills are those skills essential for children and youngsters to develop a sense of responsibility towards the world and help make it a better place.

We believe that certain skills, such as empathy and creativity, can and should be taught and developed in school. These skills are essential for children and youngsters to develop a sense of responsibility towards the world and take the lead in the care, changes and renewals demanded by today and tomorrow’s reality.

By listing empathy, teamwork, creativity and leadership as the four essential skills for facing the challenges of our times, we do not mean to suggest that they are the only skills needed to promote an education capable of developing changemaking individuals. This list is based on a study detailing the approach and strategies used by over 700 social entrepreneurs whose actions had a positive and relevant impact towards creating a more fair and friendly society.


The capacity to listen to and embrace other people’s ideas, as well as to articulate your own. Get out of the “me” and enter a deeper vision of the world, based on recognizing new (and different) viewpoints, being able to actively and consciously connect with the feelings and perspectives of others.


The capacity to work in partnership, in diversity, developing group actions towards common goals. Being able to lead in a collaborative fashion, taking on a variety of complimentary roles.


The capacity to express yourself through various forms and find new solutions to problems found in a variety of settings and contexts. For this, it is necessary to prioritize active learning, and value the students’ authorship and autonomy.


The ability to take the initiative in favor of changing the social context, seeking the engagement and participation of their surroundings. It is developed by awakening critical thinking, which leads to the awareness of the problems around you.