Education is changing.
We will all be part of this movement!

The Changemaker Schools program is a global initiative by Ashoka.
It was launched in Brazil in 2015, in partnership with Alana.
We believe everyone can be a changemaker, and see the school
as a special space for creating agents of social change;
therefore, we have united to recognize and connect schools from all over the country
that are finding new paths towards a truly changemaking education.

By recognizing, promoting and connecting the Changemaker Schools among themselves
and with the community at large, we seek to help the staff in these schools
to position themselves as leaders of a profound transformation of the country’s
educational field.


In order to change education, we must gather a diverse and committed group!

The Changemaker Schools program is composed of a community made up of people from a variety
of fields, all with a common interest: shifting the conversation about education. This group
consists of schools, journalists, businesspeople, professors, representatives of the public sector
and the third sector, and artists who, through their actions, are helping establish
a new paradigm for education in Brazil.


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