Recognizing the schools

In Changemaker Schools, children and youngsters are given access to a meaningful education, one that value leadership, empathy, creativity and teamwork as essential skills for developing changemaking individuals.

Below are the criteria used by the program to recognize these schools.


Changemaker Schools seek to develop their pupils into agents of change. They can be at the beginning of this path or deep into this process. The main thing is that the school’s leadership is committed and aligned to this vision, and that they have taken steps towards achieving this goal.


Changemaker Schools demonstrate a capacity for innovation, creating and applying new ideas in education, rather than just following pre-established models. More than anything, they innovate in the way in which they teach and encourage the changemaking skills and abilities: empathy, teamwork, creativity and social leadership.


Changemaker Schools have a vocation for, as well as the conditions and will, to influence the educational ecosystem in Brazil, in addition to a clear desire to lead, in a collaborative fashion, the advancement of a vision of education for societal change.


Changemaker Schools see their students as the active subject of their learning process. To put it simply: they participate in the decisions made inside and outside the classroom.


The school staff deeply believes in the need and possibility for everyone to be an agent of change. They feel motivated to promote positive changes in society. This is a staff that is excited to learn and share. In Changemaker Schools, management is democratic, built out of the educational community (teachers, staff, parents, pupils, partners). The school leadership, and its staff, have an innovative way of thinking and an open attitude to new ideas.