Amigos do Verde School

Amigos do Verde School


In 1894, the Amiguinhos do Verde Pre-School was born, with a totally innovative proposition based on theories by: Piaget, Freinet, Emília Ferreiro, amongst others. The main objective was to develop a balanced teaching method between the cognitive and affectionate areas. The
biggest differential, at the time, was the ecological concern (ecocentric vision), when the topic was not as pertinent as it is today and little was done about it.

Amiguinhos do Verde expanded and, in 1989, instituted Primary School up to 4 th Grade, changing its name to Primary and Pre-School Amigos do Verde.

Currently, Amigos do Verde School, besides Children Education, offers teaching from 1 st Grade to 5 th Grade of Primary School. The School is registered and authorized by the State Secretary of Education (SEC/RS), and has its study plan and teaching projects revised annually and in accordance with the legislation in practice.

The work developed by the school, always updated with the latest scientific researches, has today as references: Edgar Morin, Humberto Maturana, Rafael Yus, amongst others. According to Edgar Morin, ‘Education must contribute for the formation of the person (learning how to become a human, teaching how to live) and teaching how to become a citizen. A citizen is defined, in a democracy, by its solidarity and responsibility’…This is what Amigos do Verde Primary School proposes: to assist individuals to develop their critical thinking, social
responsibility, respect for the differences and unique experiences inherent from every single person.