VILA School

VILA School


VILA School, located in Fortaleza (CE), was initiated by a group of mothers in Fatima Limaverde’s, the creator’s, garden. It was founded in 1981, initially as a Primary School and developed into an Elementary School in 1990. At VILA, the consideration and appreciation for diversity has always been a fundamental point; besides social inclusion of special-need students, the School has always had open doors for students of different nationalities, cultures and religions. In all of the practices, the School proposes to work human values, ecological consciousness and citizenship. This way, students are able to take positions of responsibility and be committed to constantly search for better solutions in order to improve the quality of life on Earth.

The political pedagogical project of the School, along 34 years of existence, has been based on transdisciplinary teaching and involvement by means of development of projects – always aiming to interconnect, instigate, execute and feel. The projects are organised by 6 themes, studied from Primary to Elementary School: The Social Being, Discovery of Values and Origins, The Natural Being, The Traditional Being, Earth Vigilantes, Constructing a Better World. All of the projects culminate into presentations to the parents and the community as a whole. As well as collective actions, such as eco-fairs, letters destined to public bodies, manifestations and campaigns, and others.