Associação Pró-Educação Vivendo e Aprendendo

Associação Pró-Educação Vivendo e Aprendendo


Play is a language, it is a way of interpreting and expressing the world, it’s a way of being a child.”

Pablo Martins
Leader of the school

Associação Pró Educação Vivendo e Aprendendo was founded in 1982, at the end of the military dictatorship, by a small group of parents, pedagogues and scholars. The school was created in the post-military dictatorship with the goal of establishing a space for freedom of expression, liberty, dialogue and collective building, and that was not chained to the dictatorship's technical view of education. They aim for an integral affective, social, and physical development of the child, a proposal that goes beyond the standard areas of knowledge. They also try to offer room for dialogue and team building in a variety of associative and school practices. The belief that children are holders of wisdom, who can lead their own educational paths, as active subjects, expressing their own wishes and needs, proposing interests, activities and organizations.