Equipe College

Equipe College


Equipe College started in late 1968, initially as a preparatory course for college entrance, formed by USP’s Philosophy Group former teachers.

This team was formalised in 1972, which expanded its operations by incorporating the different grades of former gymnasium (5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade) in 1975 – and also started to work with students of early childhood education and I Elementary school (1st to 4th grade) in 1994.

A privileged place of ​​education, which resisted in the name of democracy in the years of authoritarianism, the College was an important reference in the process of political opening of the country, through their positions and especially their reasoned educational work in the critical and participatory thinking of students and teachers.

Part of the initial core team of teachers remains in the school’s educational direction and in the classroom, incorporating the new teachers with whom, over 30 years, they have developed a systematic College teaching-learning method.