Escola Estadual de Educação Profissional Alan Pinho Tabosa

Escola Estadual de Educação Profissional Alan Pinho Tabosa


The Professional Education Alan Pinho Tabosa State School is situated in the Pentecoste County, in the state of Ceará, and attends to 521 students from 5 different Counties of the region, predominantly from the rural zone. The School established itself initially in 2012 as a partnership between the Secretary of Education of Ceará (SEDUC) and the Federal University of Ceará (UFC), which is responsible for the implementation of Cooperative Learning in class, orientation and pedagogical management in the School. The School’s methodology is defined as a mix of techniques of teaching-learning in which the students are led by the teachers to work in small groups that help each other collectively in order to solve problems and achieve goals. The partnership between UFC and SEDUC was established due to an innovative initiative, PRECE, Education Programme in Cooperative Cells, with university students of the region assisting local Schools.

The University students, experience autonomy, cooperation and solidarity until graduation, and as a result engage into the School’s organisation, ultimately becoming Principals and Teachers, with the support of UFC and SEDUC. The School works in integral time, and beyond the common disciplines with projects such as: Life Project, The Working World, Citizenship Formation, Interdisciplinary Projects, IT, The Agronomic Industry, Agriculture and Chemistry.

The School also offers Academic courses to students that do not wish to undertake professionalising degrees. In the sense of stimulating the self-intellectual autonomy. There is a specific timetable for the students to organise study groups and investigate into subjects of interest. The night slots, Teachers volunteer and take turns to monitor the activities of Education of Young Adults, Cinema and Sports, and other activities the School offers to the community.