The importance of empathy in education

The importance of empathy in education


Changemaker Schools organized a discussion on Empathy in Education in May 2016. This learning circle took place in the Sala Crisantempo, in the city of São Paulo, with the goal of collectively building an understanding of the importance of empathy as a value and as a skill that must be learned, developed and practiced in schools and other shared spaces. Leaders of the Brazilian Changemaker Schools took part in the discussions, along with social entrepreneurs, experts, journalists, and scholars from various fields. The debate was aligned with a global movement that is concerned with the education of whole individuals and, therefore, believes it is important to teach social and emotional skills in the school environment.

This publication, consisting of nine articles, is a result of this dialogue. The authors of these essays were present at the event and agreed with the need to organize the discussions that took place during this occasion. In Brazil, there are few studies and publications on the importance of empathy in the development of children and youth, and we are very happy to help this issue gain space and importance in Brazil’s educational agenda.